The current landscape for many banks and financial institutions continues to grow in complexity as heightened regulatory requirements and uncertain environment put increasing pressure on managing risks.

As the global leading partner for trade credit protection, we provide an extensive range of solutions, which are tailor made to fit the needs of financial institutions and their clients anywhere in the world.     

  1. Reliability: Owned by Allianz, we’re unrivalled in our financial solidity thanks to our AA rating from Standard & Poor’s.
  2. Experience:  As a 120+-year-old credit insurer, banks and businesses have long relied on us to weather many economic challenges and climates.
  3. Knowledge: Our proprietary intelligence network analyses daily changes in corporate solvency representing 92% of global GDP, giving our clients and partners  essential information to trade with confidence. 
  4. Global presence: Thanks to our global risk teams, present in 50+ countries, more than 100 banks worldwide already chose to partner with us. 
  5. Service: Acting as a non-competing silent partner, we provide multiple products and powerful digital solutions in every country.
  6. Sustainability: We drive the ESG agenda to support businesses in responding effectively to unexpected challenges and to contribute in placing the economy at the service of our planet.
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Whether you wish to minimize your trade credit risk or protect your contractual obligations, we have solutions that suit your needs. Find out more.