Allianz Trade x Fintecture: New B2B BNPL partnership

February 21, 2023 

·       Merchants can add a “pay later” option in their check-out (online) or offer flexible payment conditions to their corporate customers.

·       Customers can benefit instantly from payment terms : the solution leverages credit risk decisions in real time from Allianz Trade and combines Fintecture’s expertise in payment.

·       Trade Credit Insurance is embedded and automated into the payment solution. Merchants can develop their business without being exposed to non-payment risks.

Allianz Trade, the world leader in trade credit insurance and Fintecture, a fast-growing fintech specialized in B2B payment solutions, partnered to develop a new B2B Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution dedicated to the French market. Through this partnership, Allianz Trade and Fintecture will provide B2B French merchants with a digital and automated “Secured Payment Terms” solution, available for all purchasing contexts, both online and offline.

Securing B2B transactions in an uncertain economic context

Corporate buyers require specialized payment terms solutions as the purchasing amounts are higher, approvals are more complex and most payments are made on due date. Offering flexible payment conditions is key to achieve high conversion and retention rates.

However, the risk of non-payment remains an important threat on the merchant's financial solidity.  In the uncertain current economic context, Allianz Trade expects business insolvencies to rise by +40% in 2023 in France. Business insolvencies in France could thus exceed their pre-Covid level by +3%, and get close to 60,000 cases in 2023.

Providing the most competitive deferred payment solution for B2B

Based on this observation, Allianz Trade and Fintecture partnered to develop an new B2B BNPL solution. This “Secured Payment Terms” product will help sellers to be competitive, by providing their B2B customers with a digital deferred payment solution, while securing their growth. It combines Allianz Trade’s more than 100 years of experience in trade credit insurance and credit intelligence on +80 million companies worldwide, and Fintecture’s expertise in payment based on +385 000 payers and an experience proven with large corporates.

Customers can benefit instantly from payment terms, as the solution leverages credit risk decisions in real time from Allianz Trade. Allianz Trade’s credit insurance is embedded into a frictionless, automated payment pathway, offering instant confirmation of eligibility to the buyer and easy programming of the payment on due date. In case of non-payment, Fintecture orchestrates reminders prior to handing over the debt collections and indemnification process to Allianz Trade. 

“After participating in their recent fundraising round, the launch of this new B2B BNPL solution is a new step in our partnership with Fintecture. Combining the very best of our two firms, we are convinced that we will help many corporates to develop their online and offline sales by offering deferred payment without being exposed to non-payment risk. KYC and instant risk analysis are major challenges for e-commerce, and we are glad to help the ecosystem breaking through this barrier thanks to our credit risk expertise and unique database”, explains Mickael De Sa, CDO of Allianz Trade in France.

A seamless payment experience, regardless of the sales channel

This new solution is available for all purchasing contexts. Concretely, merchants can add a “pay later” option in their check-out (online) or offer flexible payment conditions to their corporate customers by sending a payment link by email or by providing a QR code to be scanned in-store. The payer accesses via this link to a digital payment terminal, and can benefit from an instant payment delay offering the same payment experience.

It not only allows merchants to offer payment terms at no cost to their clients, but also to benefit from a cost effective solution without having extra fees due to factoring cost usually applied in BNPL.

"The merchant delegates his outstanding amounts to us, via a mechanism that secures his working capital and weighs less on his gross margin. Besides, our knowledge of payers allows us today to adapt the purchase path and activate the relevant anti-fraud checks” comments Faysal Oudmine, CEO of Fintecture. "Behind this technicality, our customers are looking for simplicity of use. We are able to transpose our proven experience with Ecommerce players into a seamless payment experience, whatever the sales channel, which is key to address all B2B opportunities and answer order-to-cash challenges of our customers”. 


Allianz Trade contact

Maxime Demory

+33 1 84 11 35 43  

Fintecture contact

Sophie Marot-Rémy

07 68 64 44 85

About Allianz Trade

We predict trade and credit risk today, so companies can have confidence in tomorrow. Allianz Trade is the global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk. Our proprietary intelligence network analyses daily changes in +80 million corporates solvency. We give companies the confidence to trade by securing their payments. We compensate your company in the event of a bad debt, but more importantly, we help you avoid bad debt in the first place. Whenever we provide trade credit insurance or other finance solutions, our priority is predictive protection. But, when the unexpected arrives, our AA credit rating means we have the resources, backed by Allianz to provide compensation to maintain your business. Headquartered in Paris, Allianz Trade is present in 52 countries with 5,500 employees. In 2022, our consolidated turnover was € 3.3 billion and insured global business transactions represented € 1,057 billion in exposure. For more information, please visit

About Fintecture

Launched in March 2020, Fintecture is spearheading the B2B transaction revolution. Currently operational in over 10 countries, Fintecture already enables more than 7,000 businesses to collect payments from 3850,000 payers in France, Spain, and soon Italy, UK and Germany. Fintecture’s payment methods, built from first principles for B2B transactions, integrate seamlessly to all sales channels enabling merchants to save time, save costs and increase sales. Only two years after its launch, Fintecture partners with category leaders  including Edenred, Auchan, the largest telecom operator in Europe, and a logistics & shipping global leader. Fintecture is currently led by co-founders Faysal Oudmine, Anjan Som and Reda Charai.