Bisnode and Euler Hermes concluded a strategic cooperation contract

Warsaw, 6 July 2020Bisnode signed with Euler Hermes a contract for the provision of national and international data supporting the servicing of credit insurance provided by Euler Hermes in Poland. At the same time, Bisnode, by an agreement, purchases from Euler Hermes in Poland the area of services connected with trade reports and will offer the Euler Hermes’ customers dedicated solutions of the Bisnode Group.

“We are delighted to announce the signing of a cooperation contract with Euler Hermes. This is evidence of competence and faith in Bisnode’s abilities the objective of which is to meet the increasing requirements of a financial sector. This also strengthens the perception of Bisnode as the most trusted source of business data on the Polish market. We are very excited about the further cooperation with Euler Hermes and we warmly welcome a new group of customers which by an agreement will have access to the best solutions offered on the market with regard to the Smart Data analytics and credit reports – says Andrzej Osiński, President of the Management Board of Bisnode Polska.

The establishment of cooperation with Euler Hermes in Poland in the field of a segment of services connected with the area of trade reports will allow Bisnode – the European leader in the provision of the data and business analytics – to strengthen its own database resources and to fit effectively the Bisnode’s product portfolio in terms of customers’ expectations in all the segments of offered services. In addition, the long-term cooperation with Euler Hermes will have positive effects on the rate of the growth in revenues of Bisnode and its importance on the market in the segment of financial institutions. Euler Hermes, as a global leader of the credit insurance market, being a part of the international insurance and financial Allianz group, analyses the needs of the Polish market and companies operating on it on an ongoing basis. Ensuring a comprehensive range of services and the servicing connected with the management of trade risk, Euler Hermes uses the best solutions in the field of analysis of the data obtaining them from many sources, including, from key partners specialised in aggregating them in the market.

- As a leader of the market of credit insurance and guarantees we invest intensively in the solutions and services strengthening the trade risk assessment capacities. Due to the contract with Bisnode the Euler Hermes’ customers gain the opportunity to access the largest databases together with a comprehensive update and real-time access. For Euler Hermes the cooperation with Bisnode means also access to information and data significantly supporting our operation on the market of credit insurance so that we will provide services meeting the customers’ needs and expectations in the realities of the growing importance of digitalisation – states Paul Flanagan, President of the Management Board of Euler Hermes.




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