Information on Russia's attack on Ukraine

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With the violent attack on Ukraine and the ever-escalating violence, our thoughts go out more than ever to those directly affected by the war. We support all our colleagues and their families in this region as well as in the neighboring countries who are trying to help those in immediate need.

We sincerely hope that the diplomatic channels and negotiations will lead to a de-escalation of the situation in order to end this tragedy as soon as possible.
To contribute to the international solidarity effort and in addition to donations announced by the  Allianz Group, our Group has decided to donate €300,000, of which €200,000 is to the Red Cross Movement to help the people who need immediate assistance. And through the Northern Europe Region, we will donate €100,000 to support local humanitarian NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe, that are also supporting people who have been displaced.

Beyond the human tragedy, the current situation is creating economic shockwaves that will cause several chain reactions across many sectors. Our teams are analyzing and following closely these for any developments, as we remain fully committed to protecting our clients against all events that could affect their business and cash flow. The anticipation of potential risks and the economic intelligence that we provide will help them in their future management decisions.