Excess Of Loss

Excess of Loss

Protect your business against major losses that could impact your cash flow, balance sheet and survival with Allianz Trade Excess of Loss. We offer cover for severe losses that exceed a specified threshold, with solutions customized to the needs of your business. Designed to work alongside your existing credit risk management processes to shield against the unexpected.

Allianz Trade Excess of Loss can protect your business from major losses as a result of payment default, partner insolvency and political risk.

Allianz Trade is rated AA by S&P. Our Excess of Loss solution provides stable, dependable protection with 12-month non-cancellable limits, and is customizable to suit the changing needs of your business.

Your value chain can be vulnerable to real financial loss with the rise of political uncertainty. These new challenges require innovative strategies to manage layered risks in a fragmented global landscape.

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Alexia Parmentier, Head of Excess of Loss at Allianz Trade, discusses the top 5 trends impacting international trade and global value chains. From geopolitical tension to new technology, she looks at the main threats and opportunities to businesses operating on a global scale.