How to Handle Customer Bankruptcy

Cautionary tales and tips on keeping your business afloat when your customer declares bankruptcy.

The recent surge in bankruptcies and insolvencies throughout the United States and the world is not surprising to those who monitor commerce’s financial health. From weak commodity prices to a steep debt obligation, to reduced demand, companies across all industries are caving from the pressure caused by COVID-19 and the declining economy.

The COVID-19 health crisis has shown that no one can predict the future and no one is immune from bankruptcy. The insolvency and bankruptcy surges will continue to disrupt the economy for some time to come.

With this surge, your key customers that struggle financially or declare bankruptcy could expose your business to loss.

So what are the red flags? Where are these businesses now? How can we learn from them? Check out our resources below to help you navigate bankruptcies and learn how to protect your business.

Business insolvencies are on the rise. Do you know how your current clients are doing? Read how some of the companies below ended up declaring bankruptcy.


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