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Fewer worries about unpaid invoices.  More confidence to grow your business.
If you're evaluating whether a trade credit insurance provider's solutions might be a good fit for your business, ask yourself, "What would my company’s growth strategy look like if we could be more certain about credit risks?"

Through our industry-leading credit insurance products, Allianz Trade offers world-leading trade risk data with a key difference: when we deem your customer creditworthy, we stand behind the decision with a payment guarantee.
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Protect against bad debt loss and get paid by customers as expected  
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Safely and aggressively grow sales with new and existing customers
Trade Risk Data
Use our proprietary knowledge to make the best business decisions 
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Turn receivables into insured assets to improve bank financing terms 
Traditional Credit Insurance

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Allianz Trade's CAP product suite allows your company to purchase additional coverage even if the credit limits involved have been fully or partially declined. 
EZ Cover  allows your company to obtain coverage on the accounts receivable of any new customer that is not named in your credit insurance policy.
International trade credit insurance goes beyond giving you that extra protection for your business and your bottom line.
Multinational Credit Insurance
Allianz Trade is found on six continents and in 52 countries, and we proudly serve 55,000+ clients around the world
We monitor over 85 million companies in our proprietary risk database so we can provide you with the predictive insights you need
Allianz Trade has been on the job for 125 years and we process 20,000 credit requests per day – 85% in less than 48 hours
As one of the world's leading financial services providers, we put those resources to work for you 
Borrow more working capital at better rates when your receivables are backed up by our AA Standard & Poor's rating
We deliver an unrivaled experience with a dedicated account team for each client, a national reach, and our online customer portal
Yearly revenue up to $25 million
Learn how credit insurance data helps businesses with up to $25 million in revenue identify creditworthy customers, protect receivables, and safely grow sales.
Yearly revenue exceeding $25 million
Expand your business in domestic or international markets and protect your key financial accounts. Explore solutions for companies with revenue exceeding $25 million.
Enterprises with a global footprint
We build and manage robust, international credit insurance and related services specifically for you, to give you the confidence to trade in this complex environment.
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