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Over the course of three years, the average company will experience 17.2 non-payment events. That's far too many past due invoices. 

Knowing that over 80% of businesses fail as a result of cash flow issues, the team at Allianz Trade has put together the Past Due Survival Kit to provide you with resources to help you avoid non-payment events and recover when they do occur. 

Here's what you'll get in the kit:

    ✔ How to Recover When a Client Doesn't Pay [ebook]

    ✔ 10 Signs Your B2B Customer Won't Pay [infographic]

    ✔ How Market Risk & Uncertainty is Keeping CFOs Up at Night [infographic]

    ✔ Economic Trade Risk by Country [world map]

    ✔ Non-Payment Checklist [handout]

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