Confidence is key to making a difference for Akgun Dogan

16 April 2021

Akgun Dogan is a self-declared adventurer and storyteller. Never afraid to make daring choices, he started his career in banking before joining Allianz Trade (previoulsy Euler Hermes) in 2007. His bold decisions have taken him on a journey from his native Istanbul to Paris then Rome to be the Regional Head of Credit Intelligence for the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa Region. In 2021, he will take on yet another challenge as the new Group Head of Sensitive Risk.


Two pivotal moments have defined Akgun Dogan’s career. The first was his decision to leave the banking sector after ten successful years to join  our entity in Turkey at a time when the credit insurance industry was still developing. The second was the day he accepted his first international assignment in Paris, becoming the first ex-pat from our Turkish office.

“Our company’s 2019-2021 slogan – Confidence to be Bold – really resonates with me,” he explains. “Leaving banking when I did and then moving to Paris were both big moves at the time, but I have never regretted either decision. I am especially proud to have been a role model for other colleagues who want to make similar moves abroad.”   

For Akgun, changing roles within a career is crucial to accelerating development both professionally and personally. “I find change energizing, and I am constantly on the lookout for ways to learn about new cultures and develop new technical and people skills,” he explains. “Working with different people and in different cultures helps you master different working strategies and understand the interwoven functions of peoples’ jobs.

Akgun Dogan
Group Head of Sensitive Risk

Operating internationally is also a key for career and personal growth, according to Akgun. “Working in several countries helps you become more open-minded and develop your own leadership and communication style. By adapting to different cultures, I learned how to speak in a way that interests and inspires others – I learned to be a storyteller. And when risk is your field, this matters. A good story is the call to action that sets your team in motion.

Of course, with great opportunities comes great responsibility. “When you come to a new country, you are an ambassador for your homeland and the office you left. You have a responsibility to represent them well and earn your international placement,” adds Akgun.      

For Akgun, Allianz Trade has given him space to seek out new opportunities in new places – and encouraged him to embrace differences. “My story, and those of many colleagues, point to how excellence can come from anywhere – any country, any background, any field. You can go incredibly far at Allianz Trade if you have an open mind, a drive to empower yourself and others, and the willingness to dare.