Diversity and collaboration: the dual driving forces for Caroline Cimino

3 February 2021
In the 22 years she has spent with our company, Caroline Cimino has been involved with major projects to transform the company at a global level, and has occupied no fewer than five different roles. As she worked her way from the legal department to centre stage as Group Head of Operations, she never shied away from change or challenge.   

After a childhood spent in the Congo and Nigeria, Caroline’s studies took her to the US and the UK, after which she rounded out her education at Paris’ Sorbonne University. She was recruited while still a student, joining the company full time before she had even had time to take off her cap and gown. She worked her way from in-house lawyer to Group Head of Operations, where she is now in charge of the rollout of the group’s European platform and group operations.

Driving change for herself and others has been a key theme in Caroline’s career. “I am motivated by progress,” she confides. “While I have always worked for Allianz Trade (previously Euler Hermes), I have constantly been involved in transforming the company. One of the great joys of my career has been helping to build each new version of Allianz Trade.

Caroline fondly recalls helping build the Group Market Management Commercial and Distribution division. “I was part of a huge transformation within our company,” she explains. “We were helping consolidate the Group through the OneEulerHermes project – getting all our regions to work together and move towards the same goal by defining a common underwriting stance and common products. It was a great opportunity to interact with a range of diverse people from different markets, and create a community based on trust and collaboration that would support the company’s growth.

Caroline also thrills at bringing change to others by boosting her colleagues’ careers. She is grateful to have had wonderful role models, and is keen to pass on her good fortune by mentoring others. “I try to help people find their next role, encouraging them to evolve within the company. At Allianz Trade, there is always room to grow; you just need to be willing to take some risks and step outside your comfort zone. There is always an opportunity, whoever you are and whatever your background.

Caroline Cimino
Group Head of Operations

Moving from role to role within Allianz Trade has given Caroline the chance to work with a diverse cast of colleagues.

I’m thankful for my time spent abroad,” she says. “It prepared me for a job where collaboration with people across continents and cultures is the norm. I’ve come to expect a range of perspectives and diverse characters at Allianz Trade; it’s a true meeting point for those who are, or wish to be, part of a world where diversity is foundational.

As a manager, I want everyone to have a satisfying career at Allianz Trade,” Caroline concludes. “I’d like everyone to enjoy a sense of pride and achievement, and Allianz Trade is a great place to find those feelings. Here, no doors are closed – if you’re willing to work hard and put yourself out there, anything is possible.