Sarah Murrow pays it forward, drawing on expertise and experience

2 April 2021
Having joined Allianz Trade (previously Euler Hermes) right out of university, Sarah Murrow is now the Commercial Director for Northern Europe. She draws on her business acumen, international experience, and love of challenges to inspire her team and act as a role model for young talent.

Born in Singapore and educated in the USA, Sarah Murrow began her career in the States, where her success moved her first to Paris, then to London. During her 16 years with our company, she has occupied posts in customer services, distribution, market and commercial management, and underwriting. And somewhere along the way, she found time to complete an MBA and raise a family! Through a wealth of different experiences in a variety of international contexts, Sarah has acquired invaluable tools for success in her current role.

My experience operating in multiple countries as well as at Group headquarters has given me great perspective,” she explains. “This helps me lead my team towards greater effectiveness, and has given me a better understanding of the company-wide operations.

Sarah Murrow
Commercial Director for Northern Europe

Sarah fondly recalls the support and mentoring she received at the beginning of her career. “One director in particular went to great lengths to steer me and give me chances to prove myself, offering advice and building my confidence,” says Sarah. That experience equipped and motivated Sarah to lend a hand to others as they build their careers – especially women.

During my career, I’ve often been the odd one out – sometimes I’m the only woman or expat in the room. But that gives me a great opportunity to show people, especially other women, how anyone can work their way up, explains Sarah. “One of my great joys is taking part in our mentoring scheme. Every year, I work with an ambitious new mentee to help them prepare for their next role at Allianz Trade by identifying gaps in their skill set and working to fill them.

Sarah’s hopes for herself and her team are as high as for her mentees. “I enjoy taking on a challenge and doing things I haven’t done before,” she says. “My aim is always to leave my current commercial function better than I found it by growing our portfolio, innovating, and training our people.

According to Sarah, empowering staff to express and act on their ambition is one of the key factors that makes Allianz Trade an inclusive place to work. “Allianz Trade has consistently offered me new opportunities to challenge myself. It’s a company that listens to people who ask for change – whether that’s through more responsibility, a new role, or international mobility. I’ve found Allianz Trade to be a land of opportunity, where chances are always offered to people hungry for growth and challenges, regardless of their personal or professional background.