In today’s world of market volatility and uncertainty, it’s natural that businesses are exercising more caution when considering international trade. Exporters that are on the lookout for new opportunities and markets must weigh both the risks and advantages presented by a new country or sector.

However, reaching an informed decision can be difficult – and time intensive. It requires sourcing and analyzing large amounts of data from many different sources. But with Trade Match by Allianz Trade, the process can be painless.

Trade Match is an online data visualization tool that enables businesses to consult reliable, comprehensive data and identify promising export opportunities. It’s built using Allianz Trade’s proprietary data – our trade forecasts and sector insights – as well as official data from recognized international organizations. We also communicate with our risk underwriters on the ground to draw on their local expertise, which is integrated into the tool.

An open-access web-based application, Trade Match covers 18 sectors in terms of goods and services and 70 global markets. By compiling historic data from 2012 to present, it offers users an up-to-date, dynamic picture of global export trends.

The data presented on the tool includes a given country or market’s total imports, yearly export gains, and top export destinations. A user can browse this data by sector or by country, to efficiently compare relative risks and advantages.

Let’s say a company based in Brazil is wondering what their top export destinations are for 2024 – which markets they’re likely to export to the most. This information is presented intuitively, with figures in dollars and colored bar graphs ranging from green for low-risk opportunities to yellow and red for relatively higher risk countries.

Searching by sector, for example agrifood in Brazil, will bring up a scatter plot that shows historic, annual export gains and a two-year forecast horizon. This data offers context, enabling businesses to gain a broader and more balanced sector perspective. In the export world, it’s essential that companies don’t look at numbers in a vacuum.

Trade Match is the only tool that presents such expansive data in a straightforward, centralized location. And that incorporates country and sector risk. In addition, the data – which can be downloaded – has been treated and analyzed by our expert economic research team. For businesses operating today, this kind of insight is invaluable.

It was created in-house, giving us full flexibility to update it as needed. As such, we recently refined and improved the tool based on analyses of user habits. Simplifying the interface has ensured that all users, from our customers to risk managers to our colleagues around the world, can make the most efficient use of this tool.

Allianz Trade is a leader in trade credit insurance, and Trade Match showcases our expertise on the risks that we are covering for our customers. Through this tool, businesses are able to identify key markets and sectors while remaining cognizant of challenges in an ever-changing world. Like all forward looking data, the forecasts provided through the platform are not intended as advice – they’re there to kickstart conversations. But we are confident that they can be a catalyst for growth and new opportunity.

Françoise Huang

Senior Economist for Asia Pacific
Allianz Trade