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We Care for Tomorrow: our promise to make Allianz Trade a Great Place to Work

February 22, 2024

Happiness, well-being, and satisfaction at work aren’t just about how someone feels on a given day in their current job – it’s a set of factors and key moments in their journey with us that determine their whole experience.

At Allianz Trade, we have a history of focusing on employee satisfaction – in fact it’s at the heart of our promise to employees, We Care for Tomorrow. How we do this is by listening to employees – through regular surveys but also informal check-ins with human resources. As norms change, every employer has to keep their ear to the ground and make sure they are offering employees the tools to thrive and find satisfaction in their work.

There’s a virtuous cycle at play when employees are satisfied. It enables them to do their best work, performing at a high level, and be more willing to go for new challenges. As a result, they take pride in their achievements, and their well-being gets a boost.

That’s why we’re delighted to have been certified as a Great Place To Work® in six countries across three continents. This recognition doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the result of years of our culture, and years of effort to build a stand-out workplace.  

To be certified as a Great Place To Work, a company must meet specific criteria, determined by responses to an online questionnaire to employees and an analysis of company policies. Their multi-faceted Trust Index Survey considers five dimensions of company culture: credibility, respect, and fairness through leadership and building trust, and pride and sense of belonging. Interestingly, the methodology considers whether responses are consistent across demographic factors, as well as seniority and job function.

We started the process with Greece and were certified in June 2023. Since then, we’ve been certified in another five markets, on three continents: Hong Kong, the US, France, Italy, and Romania. This external certification is more than just a badge; it’s a globally recognized, research-backed verification, and a testament to our commitment to creating an exceptional employee experience. It showcases that we listen to our people, and it instills an added sense of pride in our workforce by demonstrating that we see the unrivalled value they bring to the organization.

As for how we build a positive employee experience?

It begins with inclusion and diversity, which ensures that we attract, hire and retain a dynamic talent pool. It’s all about building an inclusive meritocracy where every employee can be themselves, show their expertise, grow, contribute and be a part of something bigger.

Onboarding begins before an employee’s first day, and is a crucial phase in the journey where we can start sharing resources about our business and building ties with the new recruit. We gather best practices from our different offices and implement them across the organization, and conduct regular satisfaction surveys. In the last one, 83% of employees rated the onboarding experience as positive (“good” or “excellent”).

In my opinion, our focus on learning, development and mobility really set us apart from other companies.  Learning ensures everyone has the same base of knowledge and is equipped to have agency – within their scope, within the context of a transformation initiative, and throughout their career. We offer all employees opportunities to upskill, progress, and develop (both in terms of job functions and geographic location), through on-the-job and dedicated training. This not only drives satisfaction and a sense of pride, but also ensures they can safeguard their employability and build the skills they’ll need for the future in a rapidly-changing job market.  I also think that an added benefit of our international mobility policy  is that it nurtures and reinforces our multi-cultural and open mindset.

Moreover, we want our employees to have a good work-life balance –essential for their health and well-being. We do this with flexible working arrangements and additional support for employees returning from career breaks, such as new parents welcoming their baby. Another key benefit at Allianz Trade is our flexible office policy, with up to ten days a month of remote working and up to 25 days working from abroad. This allows them to better balance work and personal life while making the most of in-office presence – from collaborating on projects to socializing and celebrating successes together. Our initiatives to improve the way we work play a pivotal role in developing performance and trust, maintaining strong communication, fostering well-being, and enhancing teamwork.

Obtaining the Great Place To Work certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to employee well-being in our offices across the globe. We are devoted to meeting the diverse, current and future needs of our people, ensuring that Allianz Trade remains a place where people love to work.

Cécile Deman-Enel

Global Head of HR

Allianz Trade