Surety bonds and guarantees

Guaranteed payment for you and your customers

What are surety bonds and guarantees?

If your company needs to provide security for attractive mandates, surety bonds or sureties from Allianz Trade in Switzerland are the ideal solution. Thanks to Allianz Trade in Switzerland's good reputation and excellent ratings, they are readily accepted by private, commercial and public-sector clients around the world. Plus, they do not negatively impact the line of credit from your main bank.

Provide your international suppliers with valuable reinsurance and ensure that they deliver as agreed. A surety issued on your behalf lets your suppliers know that you are able to meet your contractual obligations, provided they fulfil their own. If you take advantage of our surety services, we assume your liabilities to third parties as an independent guarantor.

As part of a global insurance company, we are accepted as an equivalent to a bank but we meet your needs with greater flexibility. We offer the optimal solution for companies with surety requirements from CHF 1 million in the mechanical engineering, manufacturing, import, freight forwarding, wholesale, foreign trade and food industries, among others.

Why opt for a surety or guarantee?

In particular, a surety or guarantee can be an ideal solution for companies that wish to avoid unnecessary and overpriced loans. A surety or guarantee from Allianz Trade in Switzerland gives you the ability to secure the future liquidity of your company without having to fall back on a bank guarantee. Moreover, a surety or guarantee from us grants you considerably more leeway and liquidity than a bank would offer. And who wouldn't prefer not to rely on banks? We work with you to design individualised surety and guarantee agreements that meet your precise needs. Furthermore, taking out a guarantee from us will not impact your credit line, which you probably have with your main bank. This also relieves the financial pressure on you as an entrepreneur and, in turn, on your company, so you can focus on what’s really important – your business!

How it works


  1. Risk analysis: Provide us with the complete information for our review and assessment. Revised annual financial statements and, where applicable, further financial documents will also be required.
  2. Structure of the surety and guarantee: Once we have reviewed and drafted the guarantee text, we serve as a fully independent guarantor for your contract and negotiate the specified and agreed terms and conditions accordingly.

How does hedging with a surety from Allianz Trade in Switzerland work?

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Sureties and guarantees: insured risks

At Allianz Trade in Switzerland, we review every hedging request on an individual basis. A number of different sureties exist:

  • Bid bonds
  • Sureties for the fulfilment of contracts
  • Deposit and advance payment sureties
  • Sureties for warranty claims
  • Bonds for joint ventures
  • Sureties for renaturation, recultivation, etc.
  • Customs, tax, spirits, freight and market regulation sureties
As you can see, sureties and guarantees are used in many areas. For this reason, our experts will be pleased to work on your individual request with you.


What type of bonds do we offer?

Bid bonds

  • Variable duration
  • The reliability of an offer in a tendering procedure

Advanced payment bonds

  • Six month duration
  • The proper use of advance payments for a contractual obligation

Customs, tax and contribution bonds

  • Twelve month duration
  • The state against the failure of a delinquent taxpayer

Performance bonds

  • Two year duration
  • The proper performance of a contractual obligation

Maintenance bonds

  • Five year duration
  • The elimination of deficiencies during a warranty period of a contractual obligation


This list of standard bond types is not exhaustive. Allianz Trade in Switzerland can also provide you with tailored bonding solutions.

Allianz Trade in Switzerland as a partner?
The advantages speak for themselves!

  • You remain independent from banks when procuring sureties
  • Your line of credit from your main bank is not negatively impacted
  • The contract is structured in accordance with your individual needs
  • You have more liquidity and leeway than with bank guarantees
  • You can release retention money in order to gain additional liquidity or realise interest profits. This allows for increased flexibility and efficiency
  • AA S&P rating

Why obtain sureties from Allianz Trade in Switzerland instead of from other insurers?

With some 100 years of expertise in the bond business, Allianz Trade in Switzerland is one of the most experienced providers in the world and is able to issue sureties for foreign clients. Our sureties are readily accepted around the globe. What’s more, Allianz Trade in Switzerland provides many services in the guarantee business that are not offered elsewhere as a matter of course – and it does so at fair, transparent prices. Moreover, the experts at Allianz Trade in Switzerland can advise you on all details regarding the wording of your sureties.

If your main bank already serves as your guarantor and you are completely satisfied with it, you must be asking why you should switch to a surety from Allianz Trade in Switzerland. This is a legitimate question which we will be pleased to answer for you.

It is important to have a good, trusting relationship with your main bank and under no circumstances should you give this up. Nevertheless, a bank offsets the surety or guarantee against a line of credit, which automatically leads to diminished financial flexibility for you and your company. Allianz Trade in Switzerland does things differently! Here, sureties and guarantees are an insurance policy. In the meantime, your main bank can continue to see to your liquidity.