Mid-Size Multinational

The trade credit insurance solution for global companies

Allianz Trade Mid-Size Multinational is the ideal trade credit insurance for global companies with affiliates in multiple countries. With our Mid-Size Multinational trade credit insurance, you protect your company against credit losses – and thus ensure that your payment flows are secure. We offer you:

  • Global risk monitoring: monitoring of the payment behaviour of 85 million companies in over 160 countries.
  • Our experienced specialists develop customised global solutions for you in Switzerland, while our worldwide specialists look after your foreign affiliated companies.
  • Central negotiation and management of the master agreement in Switzerland, local support of your affiliated companies abroad.
  • In the event of protracted default or insolvency of your commercial customer, we will reimburse your receivables from insured supplies of goods, work and services.
  • The solution for global companies with annual sales of EUR 100 million – 300 million and affiliates in at least two countries.

Mid-Size Multinational protects global companies against credit losses

Want to protect yourself against credit losses? Mid-Size Multinational does exactly that. Our credit insurance for companies that operate globally safeguards your outstanding receivables – almost anywhere in the world. And all this comes with central negotiation and management of the master agreement in Switzerland and local support for your affiliated companies abroad.

But Mid-Size Multinational can do even more: our specialists continuously check your customers’ creditworthiness.

In the event of protracted default (and even just an extended delay in payment), the insured event is deemed to have occurred and we can compensate your credit loss within the insured scope.

All of this has one purpose: to enable you to conduct your international transactions with peace of mind.

Video: how trade credit insurance protects your business
Secure your company’s liquidity by protecting its cash flow.
Financial strength

Improve your balance sheet with insurance cover against payment defaults.


International protection

Economic and, if required, political risks are covered almost everywhere in the world.


          WHAT IS INSURED?

  • This insurance covers your receivables from supplies of goods, work and services to commercial customers against protracted default, insolvency and politically induced default almost anywhere in the world.
  • We indemnify you in the event of both protracted default and classic insolvency-related default.


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