Trade credit insurance

A trade credit insurance helps protecting you against bad debts. We help you grow your business safely.

 What is credit insurance?

Credit insurance – also known as trade credit insurance – covers your outstanding receivables and protects your company against defaults on receivables. After all, when customers fail to pay their bills, this can quickly become a problem for any company. With credit insurance, you can ensure secure payment flows, even when bills remain unpaid or are paid late. In turn, this ensures that your cash flow remains secure. We also keep you up to date on your customers at all times and check their credit standing so that you can do business with confidence. 


Why does it make sense to take out credit insurance?

It is always worth taking out credit insurance if you need to protect yourself against the insolvency of your customers. Credit losses can easily set off a chain reaction and in some circumstances the insolvent customer may even drag its creditors, including your company, down with it – depending on how high the receivables are. We particularly recommend insurance cover when the amounts in question are high enough to pose a risk to your company’s existence.



Who is credit insurance appropriate for?

For companies that work with customers and other business partners, credit insurance offers an effective form of protection against possible credit losses and guarantees their liquidity in the event of the debtors’ insolvency.  

We have solutions for companies of all sizes, from very small to very large.

Trade credit insurance for small and medium-sized companies
Our Simplicity credit insurance is ideal for small and medium-sized companies with an annual turnover of up to CHF 5 million that would like straightforward, uncomplicated protection against possible credit losses.
Trade credit insurance for multinational companies

Allianz Trade for Multinationals is a specialised, global team located in Switzerland that works exclusively with multinational companies and offers both individually customised and flexible solutions for global risk management.


Trade credit insurance for medium-sized companies
Use our trade credit insurance to optimise your credit management strategy, protect yourself against defaults and secure your payment flows. In addition, we regularly check your customers’ credit standings and keep you up to date.
Solutions for capital goods
Allianz Trade's credit insurance for capital goods offers manufacturers and merchants customised protection for their receivables. Our insurance solution protects you against credit losses on capital goods such as machines, factories, equipment and many other goods in this segment.