ATA Carnet


e-safetyATA – the electronic security from Allianz Trade in Switzerland for your ATA Carnet


What is an ATA Carnet and where is it used?

The ATA Carnet is primarily used for the temporary, duty-free import of consumer goods in international trade. 

The ATA Carnet is mainly used at trade fairs with international participation. As a general rule, temporary, duty-free import into the country in which an exhibition is being held is only possible if the full amount of the import duties is deposited in cash. This cannot be done on an informal basis and the legal provisions of the individual states must be complied with.

The ATA Carnet greatly simplifies and standardises this process. Complicated processing steps such as the calculation of any import duties and security deposits in the national currency are avoided.

What is an e-safetyATA guarantee?


The Swiss Chambers of Commerce request a security of 20% to 30% of the merchandise value for the delivery of an ATA Carnet. e-safetyATA from Allianz Trade in Switzerlandis an electronic security for ATA Carnets  for 20% of the merchandise value of an ATA Carnet. This security is generally provided in the form of a cash deposit or a bank guarantee. The Swiss Chambers of Commerce issue the ATA Carnet upon receipt of the security. Allianz Trade in Switzerland provides you with this security easily, quickly and at an attractive price via an e-safetyATA.



What are the advantages of an e-safetyATA?

  • Depositing your security is easy thanks to the digital process
  • Low-cost premium model calculated in real time
  • Saves time: your e-safetyATA is deposited directly with the chamber of commerce
  • No liquidity is tied up (unlike, for example, with a cash payment)


Where can you get an e-safetyATA?

  1. Identify your company with your company ID number (UID).
  2. Record the merchandise value of your ATA Carnet.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. You will be shown the amount of the premium for the e-safetyATA deposit you have applied for.
  5. Accept our offer.
  6. The e-safetyATA guarantee for the required security (20% of the merchandise value of the ATA Carnet) is deposited directly with the chamber of commerce and you receive confirmation of the security deposit insurance.


At present, this online solution is only offered in collaboration with the Bern Chamber of Commerce.

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