Credit insurance for small companies

Your customer has not paid their invoices? Don't let it become an existential threat! Simplicity enables you to secure your turnover – even if your customer fails to pay.

SIMPLICITY credit insurance from Allianz Trade in Switzerland

As the head of a rapidly growing Swiss SME, you are confronted with difficult challenges every day. Worrying about payment defaults should not distract you from your most important goal - the growth of your company. This is where Allianz Trade in Switzerland's Simplicity protection against bad debt losses comes in. With Simplicity, you can devote yourself entirely to your company, knowing that your turnover is secure, even if your customers fail to pay. Because, if your customers don't pay, Allianz Trade in Switzerland is there for you – with a simple solution.

SIMPLICITY – the credit insurance for Swiss SMEs supports you:


With secure and strategic sales growth

Expand your relationships with new and existing customers, locally and globally, knowing that you are insured in the event of non-payment.


With optimal accounts receivable management

Take advantage of our global risk expertise and the power of our team to make quick credit decisions and reduce your risk.

Through protection against consequential bad debt losses

Deliver on account with a clear conscience – knowing that your insurance will mitigate the impact on your cash flow if you fail to pay.

Strengthening your business relationships with your lenders

Debt-financed current assets – better access and more favourable conditions.


SIMPLICITY insurance: Who is it suitable for?

Our Simplicity credit insurance is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with annual turnover of up to CHF 5 million that want simple protection against potential losses on receivables. We charge a very low administration fee, which is greatly appreciated by our customers.

Checklist: How does SIMPLICITY work?

  • Check what is covered: Simplicity is available in Switzerland and 25 other countries and applies to receivables in excess of CHF 250 with payment terms of 90 days from the invoice date.
  • Select your annual turnover: Use our online calculator to determine the maximum amount you could claim per year and per customer.
  • Take a look at your monthly premium: The amount covers 60% of all claims up to the maximum amount per customer.  Remember that there is no deductible for these policies.
  • Use the damage form: Report the claim within 90 days if your customer does not pay or becomes insolvent. If we are unable to collect your money, we will pay within 30 days.
  • Increase your insurance coverage: Use our online relay service to support the growth of your business. Get information about the possibilities and reliably manage your risks.
  • Get automatic updates: Base your business decisions on our unique predictive information as customer ratings change.
Check our online Customer Service Guide for more details on your policy.


BASIC OPTION: All customers are insured from the start of the contract with the basic cover of 60% of the claim, provided that the customer is not already in default.

POWER OPTION: You can apply Power's extended cover to any customer in your portfolio to cover 90% of your exposure. You will be asked to check the customer's creditworthiness using our BoniCheck system. The decision is based on Allianz Trade in Switzerland's grading system, which starts at 1 (high credit rating) and ends at 10 (insolvent).

For further information, see our FAQs.

Allianz Trade in Switzerland – the clear advantages we offer as an insurance partner

The benefits that small companies enjoy when taking out credit insurance from Allianz Trade in Switzerland speak for themselves! Thanks to flat-rate protection of 60% (Basic option), which is granted without any review, only a minimal and very manageable administration fee can be expected in case of a claim. Our premium invoice for your new insurance against losses on receivables is designed to be as simple and comprehensible as we can make it. After all, premiums and insurance conditions should be as transparent as possible and formulated in a manner that is easily understood by everyone.

With our Simplicity insurance, you can expect to receive compensation even in the event of an extended payment in arrears. With us you do not have to be prepared for unnecessarily long waiting times. We settle and pay claims immediately after the occurrence of the insured event and after the insured loss has been ascertained. In addition, you have at your disposal a total of 100 BoniCheck credit checks per year, which we provide from as little as CHF 200 plus VAT and which you can conveniently access online. In most cases, the query enables the insurance cover to be flexibly increased to 90% (Power option). In addition, you have the option of handing over collection to us. We would be happy to advise you on the corresponding conditions.

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