CFO Dive Research Program 2023

survey report

Worried about late or non-payments? Losing sleep over the risks of taking on bigger deals? You’re not alone. 

Nearly two out of three CFOs agree that they are concerned about the potential for their companies to experience customer insolvencies or bankruptcies over the next 6–12 months, and more than three out of four CFOs agree that experiencing multiple customer insolvencies or bankruptcies at the same time would affect their companies’ solvency. 

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Did you know that TCI goes beyond protecting against late or non-payments?

A significant number of companies use TCI for sales expansion; when companies want to sell to a market they don't know well or to a new business they don't know much about, they can dig into Allianz Trade’s huge global database of companies and glean the information (and credit lines) they need to grow.

Learn more about the ways TCI can alleviate your concerns about sales expansion in our new playbook. 

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