How to Turn Insurance Into an Investment

In a recent survey, Allianz Trade, a top trade credit insurance company, polled senior finance execs with worldwide revenues of $100M to $1B. The ask: What are your company’s top priorities for 2022? What challenges stand in the way? And while respondents hailed from a wide range of industries, many expressed similar views and concerns for the immediate future. In fact, over 57% expect their liquidity needs to increase into Q1 of 2023—a challenging prospect when supply chain disruptions maintain a chokehold on cash flow. 

With such uncertainty, many CFOs are entertaining trade credit insurance as a means to increase capital, maximize growth, and minimize risk. This report details the benefits of trade credit insurance, plus survey highlights like:

  • Liquidity and predictive analytics
  • The role of real-time data
  • How to improve working capital efficiency

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