The world is reeling from back-to-back Black Swan events. The global pandemic followed by war in Europe has brought huge uncertainty to the world’s economies, exacerbating an energy crisis, soaring inflation and supply chain disruption, among many other volatile situations. Are companies prepared to trade in this fast-changing world? Find out by downloading below the results of our 2023 Allianz Trade Global Survey and get tips to export with confidence.
  • In our 2023 Allianz Trade Global Survey, we decided to check the pulse of companies in seven countries – the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Poland.

    Over three weeks to mid-April, we surveyed a sample of high-level executives in around 3,000 companies that have export activities and suppliers and production sites located in foreign countries.

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To guide your organization though the current wave of economic and political risks and prepare for the future of international trade, we’ve put together an Export Toolkit:

  1. How to succeed in foreign markets: tips to build your export plan
  2. The current risk factors to consider when expanding your global reach
  3. Smart strategies for mitigating risk in the current volatile global trading environment
  4. How to adapt rapidly to today’s trading challenges: case studies

Anticipate and assess risks, stay one step ahead of the competition and seize the current export opportunities by downloading the Export Toolkit now!

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