A dashboard for sophisticated credit risk management using a suite of reports. 
SmartView is a risk monitoring service that gives Allianz Trade customers immediate visibility over trade receivables and a better grip on risk and opportunity management. Accessed through your online policy management portal, SmartView provides a wide range of risk reports.  The clearly presented information and analysis will help you keep track of your customer’s creditworthiness and capture growth opportunities.
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Log in and access details of your day to day trade credit activities for business risk management.

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When you become an eligible SmartView customer, we will create your account. You can begin accessing in-depth reports about your policy, including proprietary Allianz Trade Grade. 

Use the Dashboard

 Organize the key performance indicators in your risk portfolio and analyze acceptance rates.

Monitor Exposure

Explore trends by country, region and sector; identify exposure in multi-brand groups, or by customer size.

Active Management

Review data and make strategic decisions about customers in your portfolio to reduce risk and maximize opportunities. 

Data and insights refreshed every business day for timely feedback and control of your business.
Valuable insights on the financial health of your customers and your own trading profile.
Use reporting tools to set targets, monitor outcomes and manage risk planning.
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