As a student in Turkey, Enes Maraba had a hunch that going abroad would expand his career prospects. Sure enough, through studying and interning internationally, Enes gained lifelong skills that would earn him a place at Allianz Trade in his home country. Here, he shares insights on how mobility played an integral role in his personal and professional development. 

While studying economics in Istanbul, I had a strong impulse to broaden my horizons, which led me to Denmark for an Erasmus exchange program in marketing management. After graduating, I moved to Barcelona for a business development internship. This internship, which involved a lot of international sales with customers from oversees, solidified my desire to work in sales and marketing. I especially enjoyed the social aspect of this field.

After returning to Turkey to complete a year of military service, I joined Allianz Turkey in Istanbul. As Allianz is an international company, having completed an internship in Spain definitely helped me earn my first position with them.

Now, as Agent Channel Supervisor at Allianz Trade, I process new business brought in by agencies and oversee all sales and corporation processes. I also organize events to foster agent development, such as training sessions. You could say my role is the bridge between Allianz Trade and the agencies we work with. 

Embracing experiences on an international level has undeniably brought me closer to my career goals. Like many people in Turkey, especially young people, international experience was always a personal and professional goal of mine. I think it’s essential to leave your comfort zone – mobility keeps us professionally dynamic and adaptive to different environments.

It can be challenging to go abroad, especially when the language is different. For instance, in Barcelona I had a roommate who didn’t speak English. Once, I used Google to translate something into Spanish – which she then told me was a swear word! Google is not perfect. But once you’ve succeeded as a foreigner, it’s as though you’ve completed an intensive training course and everything becomes easier in your home country.

Allianz Trade really helps their employees find work abroad. For example, we have an internal website that shows open positions everywhere in the world. Allianz Trade supports applicants as they go through the process of applying to these positions and lets them know what to expect afterwards. 

I would say mobility can only open up opportunities for professional growth. Looking at leaders at Allianz, they all have a background in international mobility. We’re living in a global world now.

All you need is courage – everything else will solve itself. Do plenty of research, and when the right opportunity comes, just open the door and go for it. The rest will come easily. 

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Enes Maraba

Agent Channel Supervisor 

Allianz Trade in Turkey