Empowering B2B Commerce: Allianz Trade and CashInvoice Collaborate on PausePay, a Revolutionary Deferred Payment Solution

November 7, 2023
In our commitment to innovation in trade finance, we have identified the significance of flexible and reliable payment solutions in B2B trade. This is particularly relevant in today's landscape where an increasingly hybrid approach to purchasing, combining both In-store and E-commerce, is evolving. This is why Allianz Trade has developed PausePay in collaboration with CashInvoice, an innovative Italian fintech company. PausePay is engineered to facilitate this 'Phygital' commerce model, enhancing the user experience for buyers and boosting sales opportunities for sellers.
We're thrilled to share that Hilti Italy, the Italian branch of the global leader in construction equipment, has recently selected PausePay’s in-store option as a deferred payment solution for its buyers. PausePay enables Hilti to offer a deferred payment option of up to 90 days to their customers without any additional costs, while ensuring immediate payment to them. The solution will be managed by a select team of expert sales consultants, deployed to work with highly qualified clients. 

The surge in E-commerce and the evolution of purchasing habits in B2C commerce have highlighted the necessity for more agile and secure payment modalities in B2B trade as well. PausePay is a powerful answer to this challenge and is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

With PausePay, sellers can offer their customers a deferred payment option, which allows for an enhanced shopping experience without incurring additional costs. This simple and secure solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems (E-Commerce, CRM and ERP). For sellers, adopting PausePay can help boost online and in-store sales, with a reduction in cart abandonment rates or loss of opportunities. Buyers, on the other hand, benefit from a streamlined purchasing process and the ability to securely defer payments.

This partnership with Hilti Italy confirms PausePay as an agile and robust payment solution.