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When customers don’t pay their bills, it can quickly become a problem for any business. And the risk is very real: in 2023, company insolvencies will increase by 4% in Switzerland and by 21% worldwide. * In other words, more and more businesses are having trouble paying their bills. And that can be expensive (see our sample calculation).

But there is a solution. Credit insurance (also known as trade credit insurance) safeguards your outstanding receivables – almost anywhere in the world, on request. In the event of protracted default or insolvency of your commercial customer, we will reimburse your receivables from insured supplies of goods, work and services. We also continuously check your customers’ creditworthiness.

All of this has one purpose: to enable you to conduct your transactions with peace of mind!

(based on an average return on sales of 2%)

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Trade credit insurance
from Allianz Trade
Credit report from credit agency
Financial protection against credit losses
Credit check on your trading partners
Debt collection
Third-party provider necessary
Third-party provider necessary
Takes the burden off your credit line with your principal bank
Trade credit insurance from Allianz Trade insures your receivables from supplies of goods, work and services to commercial customers in the event of protracted default or insolvency. On request, your claims can be covered against economic risks almost anywhere in the world. Contractual conditions and indemnity provisions are the same worldwide.
A credit loss can cost much more: to offset a loss of CHF 100'000, for example, a company with an average return on sales would have to generate additional sales of approximately CHF 2.5 million! The most expensive scenario is of course if your company itself is at risk of insolvency due to a large credit loss.
Even with longstanding business relationships, a customer’s credit rating can deteriorate through no fault of their own – sometimes as a result of sudden external events. With our insurance cover, you will find out quickly if there are problems.
Not with trade credit insurance from Allianz Trade: we can already pay if receivables are not paid after a certain time and the debt collection process does not lead to the collection of the insured receivable within the agreed period of time. As a result, your liquidity is protected.
You don’t have to. At Allianz Trade, you can adapt the terms of your trade credit insurance to your needs by selecting the clauses you want. That way, you will only pay for what your company really needs.
Unsure whether to continue granting credit to your less reliable customers? We’ll help you with our credit ratings – and can step in if we have insured the transaction.
Attract new customers with attractive credit terms by better understanding the risk you face and safeguarding every transaction.
Grow your business by accepting large orders without allowing the risk of credit losses to cripple your growth.


customers worldwide

83 million

monitored companies
Solid foundation

AA rating

from Standard & Poor’s 

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