Social Engineering

The term "social engineering" refers to a procedure in which the human vulnerability is exploited. Often, employees of a company are persuaded with a trick to bypass normal security precautions and disclose sensitive information. Source: TechTarget

Man in the Middle

Protection against attacks by third parties on data lines or nodes without direct access to your own IT systems.

Cloud Computing

Safeguarding of interventions by third parties in external IT systems.


Attackers mislead their victims with randomly sent e-mails or fake websites to reveal sensitive data.

Fake Identity Fraud 

The attacker impersonates an employee or supervisor by e-mail or other means in order to trigger the transmission of confidential data or a financial transaction, for example.

Fake President Fraud

The perpetrator poses as an employee – usually a member of management – and requests by e-mail or telephone an employee who is responsible for banking transactions in the company to carry out an urgent transfer.