Trade Match highlights the export risks and opportunities across 18 sectors in 70 markets around the world. Using a combination of historical data, our proprietary country risk ratings and sector risk ratings, as well as our trade forecasts, we identify the best export markets for companies across the globe.

Here's how to find out which countries or which sectors offer the best export opportunities.

Let's start with countries: Select your origin market below to discover which countries offer the largest export opportunities for you this year or next. The chart represents 'export gains', which are simply the difference between our forecasts for exports of a given market in a selected year and the exports recorded by that market in the previous year (negative figures mean export losses for the year. See our Allianz Trade Global Survey 2023 for more about our latest trade outlook). The colors come from our country and sector risk ratings, ranging from low risk to high risk, these ratings capture the risk of non-payment in a given country.

To go even deeper, you can also find out which sectors offer the best opportunities in each of the top destinations. Just scroll down and select one of the markets available to find out which sectors will see the largest export gains.

Ready for a sector deep-dive? Go back to the top and select the tab 'By sector'. Now you can select your sector and your country to visualize the forecasts for export gains, and then find your top destinations.

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