DUO Trade Credit Insurance

Get the best of both traditional credit insurance and non-cancellable coverage.
With Allianz Trade Duo, your company will be able to grow sales while protecting the bottom line against bad debt risk.
With Allianz Trade Duo credit insurance solution, your company no longer has to choose between buying a traditional trade credit insurance policy and having non-cancellable coverage. Duo offers the best attributes of both solutions under one policy.

With all of these elements in place, your business will be able to:

  • Make informed and confident decisions based solely on the best way to grow the business.
  • Rely on a predictable tool to lock in coverage and stem catastrophic losses.
  • Gain access world-leading credit knowledge on both current customers and prospective buyers.
  • Establish non-cancellable coverage on your most important buyers.
  • Protect cash flow with limited risk sharing.
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of managing a large discretionary credit limit.
  • Limit compliance responsibility and gain full assurance that claims will be paid.

Allianz Trade Duo is best suited to companies with annual B2B sales on credit terms of $25 million or more and that maintain established credit management staff and written policies and procedures.

Bridging the best attributes of two popular risk protection solutions into a single, premium offering.
Gain access to world-leading credit knowledge and protection on current and prospective buyers to safely grow sales.
Allow Allianz Trade to assume the responsibility for continuously monitoring your customers’ financial health and advise you if their insurability changes. Should the unexpected occur, Allianz Trade will guarantee your covered customers’ payments. 
Add the option to add non-cancellable credit limits for your most important customers.
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