Corporate Advantage: Best-in-Class Traditonal Credit Insurance

Protect and grow your business. Have the confidence to trade, and get paid.

Our most popular credit insurance solution

Whether your priority is to protect against bad debt losses, to expand sales, or to boost your company's customer and market knowledge, Corporate Advantage lets you customize your protection according to the needs of your business.

Corporate Advantage is an insurance policy that covers trade credit receivables in both domestic and export markets.  It is protection against your customers’ failure to pay their trade debts due to insolvency or because they failed to pay within the agreed timeframe.

Key benefits of corporate advantage

Corporate Advantage is Allianz Trade's core trade credit insurance solution for medium and large companies, designed to address the business challenges that are unique to your company, sector, and ambitions.

Predictive Trade Insights - Traditional Credit Insurance
Even before signing a sales contract with a new customer, having the right information is crucial to make the right choices. Corporate Advantage enables you to evaluate your prospects in order to understand the level of trading risk.

Ongoing Customer Analysis

Once you have entered a commercial relationship, our risk experts gather and analyze information about your customers from a variety of sources, including visits to the customer, credit reporting agencies, public records, receipt of financial statements, and past-due reports. If anything happens that impacts your customers’ insurability, you will be alerted.
Ongoing Customer Analysis - Corporate Advantage
Accounts Receive Loss Protection - Claim Payment
Should a loss occur, our reimbursement process will allow you to protect your company from the effects of the loss. The Allianz Trade claims team is committed to handling claims quickly and efficiently to take the worry out of managing unexpected insolvencies and past-due situations.
Straightforward policy structure and wording; each subject is clearly identified within a specific section so you can find the information you need quickly.
Corporate Advantage offers a choice of 80+ coverage options so you can customize a credit insurance solution to meet the needs of your business.
Designed to optimize each step of credit insurance policy management. A special emphasis is put on manageability in order to limit time spent on administration.
Our online policy management system, Allianz Trade Online, allows you to access and manage your policy anytime and receive real-time coverage decisions with a click.
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Allianz Trade's CAP product suite allows your company to purchase additional coverage even if the credit limits involved have been fully or partially declined. 
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EZ Cover  allows your company to obtain coverage on the accounts receivable of any new customer that is not named in your Allianz Trade credit insurance policy.
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