Allianz Trade in Portugal

Allianz Trade in Portugal

From June 3, COSEC is Allianz Trade in Portugal, adopting Allianz Trade brand identity. This change comes after Allianz Trade became COSEC's sole shareholder in 2023, following an agreement in which it acquired BPI's 50 per cent stake in COSEC.


Following the acquisition, COSEC become a full member of Allianz Trade, global leader in trade credit insurance and a recognized specialist in the areas of surety, collections, structured trade credit and political risk. For over 100 years in the market and fully part of the Allianz Group since 2018, Allianz Trade provides companies of all sizes with powerful tools to expand their business and protect their assets by anticipating and mitigating risks. Thanks to its financial strength it supports global trade and economic development, continuously looking for new and innovative ways to enable companies’ to grow with confidence.


Our care and dedication remain true to the professionalism and quality that have guided us for over 50 years in Portugal.

With the new brand, we will benefit even more from the reputation and strength of the Allianz Group, along with its vast global network of knowledge and experience. This will help us stay at the forefront of technological transformations as they are implemented by the group. We will benefit from new services to ensure the best performance, providing greater simplicity and efficiency.
Nothing will change in your daily relationship with the Company. You will continue to be in contact with the same people, and the phone contacts will remain the same. Our email addresses will change slightly (ending with, but the old ones will continue to work, temporarily,  so you can contact us. Legally and juridically, COSEC – Companhia de Seguro de Créditos, S.A. - remains as a legal entity and authorized insurer to operate without any legal change in social designation or name, or company type. This designation will continue to be used in identifying COSEC in all documents and communications, in accordance with the law and regulations in force.
You do not need to do anything - nothing will change in your contact with us.
COSEC is now integrated into the Allianz Group through its shareholder Euler Hermes, which also uses the Allianz Trade brand, but it does not disappear as a Portuguese insurance company. Only the brand name used to identify the products and services offered to the market changes. Our legal entity remains the same - as does the way we work with you.
Yes, the ratings are linked to the legal entity. Therefore, they will not change and will continue to be valid.

COSEC remains our legal name, and that is why you will continue to see the COSEC name on our documents. But our brand is now Allianz Trade in Portugal, and this will be the name we use for the products and services we provide.

At this initial stage, some aspects may need improvement as we work on the process of changing all our systems and applications. This may cause delays. What will not change are our employees and our commitment to helping you and your companies grow securely.

Yes, the change only affects the brand name and visual identity - but the legal insurance entity remains the same. This means that all your policy documents will remain valid and do not need to be changed.
No, no changes are necessary in this regard. The change only affects the brand name, the legal insurance entity remains the same. Even if the invoices have a new logo and new presentation, the issuing entity is the same.

The client platform URL will change, but the old one will be redirected to the new one, so you can continue to use it. In any case, if you want to update to the new URL, visit:

Your username and password to access the platform will remain the same - nothing will change in this regard.