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  1. Risk prevention: We assign a credit limit to your customers based on their risk assessment. Daily assessment and monitoring of your customers financial situation.
  2. Debt recovery: We act immediately when you inform us of late payments or situations of default. In case of default, we activate legal mechanisms with a view to recovering the debt.
  3. Compensation: In case of uncollectibility, we will process your compensation, to minimize the impacts on your cash-flow. In the event of an accident, we guarantee the payment of the compensation.

Trade Credit Insurance is a tool to support your company's activity that allows the effective management of credit to customers and covers non-payment of credit sales of goods and services made in Portugal and abroad, in the event of:

  • Late payment
  • Bankruptcy or Insolvency
  • Approval of bankruptcy or moratorium
  • Insufficiency of payment methods

Through the largest and best private database of business information in Portugal and access to a network, with teams specialized in collecting, analyzing, and classifying the risk of millions of companies around the world, with the study of economic risk perspectives, political and financial at country and sector level and with best practices in credit collection and recovery:

  • We help identify the right customers to do business with and their respective credit limit.
  • We monitor and immediately alert you to changes in the risk and/or payment behavior of customers with whom we sell on credit so that you act accordingly.
  • We share economic analysis so you can quickly identify new market opportunities and make the best credit and investment decisions.
  • We increase value to your business, both in protecting your company's treasury and in minimizing credit management costs and in the perception of greater security among financial institutions and other investors.
  • We act locally and anywhere in the world, at the first sign of non-compliance in the collection and recovery of credits, with success rates proven to be above the market average and, in most situations, before the claim verification deadline.
  • We guarantee compensation up to 30 days after the occurrence of an accident, so that it does not compromise your company's liquidity.
  • We permanently monitor the management of your policy, with our own client manager, specialized telephone support and an online management system available 24 hours a day.
  • We have a flexible offer tailored to any national company.