Trade Credit Insurance for medium and large business

A solution that protects your business against the risk of non-payment and adapts to all types of companies, regardless of their size and the market in which they operate.

Short-term trade credit insurance covers your credit sales so that your cash flow is safeguarded, avoiding bad debts. In addition to support in market analysis and risk assessment, should your customers become insolvent or you encounter extended defaults, you are compensated for the value of the goods or services delivered.

With a flexible offer, you can define the solution that best suits the profile, needs and characteristics of your business, with Progress, Expansion or Flexible policies.

Our company ensures your cash flow, through compensation, and manages the debt collection process, namely, in the following cases:

  • Delay in payment
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency
  • Approval of reorganization or moratorium
  • Insufficient means of payment
To complement our robust suite of trade credit insurance and surety solutions, we offer specialty risk mitigation solutions that have been designed to address a variety of specific use cases and markets.

Advances to suppliers

Allows coverage of credits arising from non-refund of advances made by the Insured to its Suppliers.

Coverage of Litigious Credits

Allows the payment of compensation, on a provisional basis and subject to judicial proof of the right to Credit by the Insured in the event of dispute or objection to the credits by customers.

Firm Orders

Allows you to maintain the value of a Guarantee that is replaced by another with a lower or “zero” value, for the period established in the Particular Conditions, for written orders placed in the 6 months prior to the date of reduction or cancellation, or within the scope of a commercial relationship of continuity.

Credit Insurance with ID Theft Cover

Allows additional coverage for losses suffered by the Insured caused by usurpation of the identity of debtor Customers, through the inclusion of special conditions in the Policy.

Commercial Manufacturing Risk

Allows coverage of costs borne by the Insured during the manufacturing phase, directly related to the goods or services ordered, in the event of customer insolvency, through the inclusion of Special Conditions

Credit Insurance CAP/CAP+

Allows a second layer of protection, both in specific operations that need to increase your credit limit and in debtors with a greater probability of default.