They guarantee the proper fulfillment of legal or contractual obligations assumed by a Company (Insured Policyholder) towards the beneficiary of the deposit (Insured), if these obligations are not covered by contract, supply and customs guarantees.

Who are they aimed at?

National companies that carry out operations within the scope of other types of Surety Bond Insurance.

How do they work?

They aim to guarantee the payment to the beneficiary(ies) of the Policy (Insured) indemnity resulting from losses caused by the debtor(s) (Insured Policyholder) not fulfilling the obligations to which they are obligated, legally or contractually.

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Type Goal

Ensure locations established and approved by AT for receiving and storing merchandise, until export to non-EU territory.

Tax Ensure the suspension of tax enforcement while the process is ongoing. During a tax enforcement process, the taxpayer may oppose it through a judicial challenge or by filing an opposition.