Credit Insurance Single Risk covers damages due to payment failure on credit sales to a single customer, due to late payment (arrears), bankruptcy or insolvency, concordat, moratorium, or insufficiency of means.
Covers the commercial risk of non-payment
by a specific customer without the need to
insure the rest of the customer portfolio.
All sales to the customer are covered for the duration of the policy, until our system verifies a situation of bankruptcy or a high increase in risk.
You know the valuation and you have a partner who monitors your costumer's commercial risk when you maintain an ongoing relationship that allows you to maintain competitive payment terms.
Reduce the impact on your cash flow, as you are compensated in the event of default and benefit from a specialized local debt recovery service.
A strategic customer may imply a high risk for your company, when: 
  • Your business is concentrated.
  • Has a higher value operation.
  • Need to apply conditions of more competitive payment.
  • Operates in new markets and is unware the entity's commercial risk.
With Single risk you advice your business and leave the risk to us!