Trade Credit Insurance for small businesses

A simple Trade Credit Insurance solution that allows small businesses to take a safe route, with all the benefits and a very competitive price*.

It protects your company against possible delays or payment failures in your business-to-business (B2B) credit sales and compensates you when there is a default caused by one of the risks covered. Assesses your customers' ability to pay, with permanent monitoring and alerts when changes occur. Supports the collection of overdue loans.

*total cost of less than 1% of turnover, for credit sales from €350,000.

  1. Identifies customers through the registration of warranty requests. With this registration you will find out immediately the limit of secure credit for each customer, according to the respective risk rating.
  2. Invoice on credit to the customer, with payment deadline up to 120 days.
  3. The Insurance Company accompanies each of your customers, informs you of changes regarding their ability to pay and updates the respective limits of credit that can translate into reduction or increasing these limits.
  4. In case of non-payment of the invoice when due, you must communicate it to us, so we begin the process of billing and recovery of the outstanding amounts.
  5. When non-payment was caused by one of the covered risks, you receive the compensation within a period of 120 days if, however, it has not been possible to fully recover the debt.
  • Easy to hire online. You immediately know the cost of the policy and can take out the policy at the moment.
  • Simple to manage, it is 100% digital through our online policy management platform, with a significant reduction in administrative controls and statements.
  • Prize in fixed value, according to your company's turnover, which can be divided into fractions.
  • Services included in the total cost of the policy, which ensure analysis and surveillance of a group of customers and collection extrajudicial of credits.
  • Credit limits with pre-defined coverage amounts depending on risk classification.
  • Coverage of 85% of losses relating to your insured invoices, including VAT and other taxes associated with the company's activity, when calculating compensation.
  • Transactions to Portugal and the main export countries: European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway, USA and Canada.
  • Compensation up to a maximum global value defined depending on business volume.
  • Credit term of 120 days, even if you have lower payment terms on your Invoices.
  • Hiring tailor-made modules, if desired.
The policy is valid for 12 months and comes into effect on the day you make the contract request. Tacitly renews for identical periods, if none of the parties to terminate the policy.
Yes, the policy provides coverage in the list of countries identified, regardless of whether it is making sales to one of these countries at the time of accession.
On the subscription page, simply identify your Turnover to find out the total cost of the policy. The prize may be divided. Service fees will have to be paid at the beginning of each annual subscription.
All losses and transactions identified in the exclusions are outside coverage. You must also take into account the conditions and terms of the policy, to ensure that no exemption can occur in the payment of compensation, such as suspension of coverage due to outstanding premium amounts or service fees.
Credit Tnsurance Policies are based on the principle of globality, that is, all your company's credit sales must be declared and monitored, as this way, we can anticipate any failure or unforeseen event, even if it sometimes seems unexpected.
The policy was designed to minimize additional costs during the annual subscription, however, there are 2 situations in which this may occur: when your customer analysis and surveillance package has been exhausted or when collection procedures may involve legal action (in this case, we will contact you in advance so that you know the estimated values ​​in question).
Yes, you have up to 30 days after issuing the policy to cancel it, with effect from the date of issuance, when 30% or more of the clients presented for insurance are assigned a zero-credit limit or no coverage. In this case, the Insurer will refund the Premium amount charged to date, retaining exclusively the service fees.