Trade Credit Insurance for multinationals

Credit risk affects all businesses. Non-payment of the products or services you provide can put your company at risk, especially if you operate in multiple countries with diverse commercial operations, where the complexity of these agreements requires strong control and risk management measures.

This is why some of the biggest global companies trust on the Allianz Trade  World Program for credit insurance. COSEC takes part of this program through COSEC - Allianz Trade World Program, a global credit insurance product, designed specifically for large companies that operate in two or more countries, and that allows protection for global business from trade credit risks or political risk situations, with a local debt collection service.

Through the "Master Agreement", this product allows global negotiation with local insurance management, multi-language policy issuance, while ensuring full knowledge of the regional culture and economy, with access to local teams of experts.

Global negotiation with local
insurance management and multi-language policy issuance.
Multi-currency and access to risk assessment and claims experts with knowledge of the local economy.
High-capacity risk coverage and cash flow protection to support your business needs.