Trade Credit Insurance 

Protecting your business against the risk of non-payment is essential.

Trade Credit Insurance covers the risk of non-payment when a B2B business offers trade credit to corporate customers, in Portugal and abroad.

It serves as a credit management tool that helps monitor, prepare, and protect companies from bad debt, delivering world-class knowledge and data intelligence to empower trading decisions. Should a customer become insolvent or fall into protracted default, you are indemnified for the value of goods or services delivered.

  • Companies that have experienced non-payments in the past.
  • Businesses working with high-risk sectors or markets.
  • Companies exploring opportunities in new markets or with new clients.
  • Organizations seeking stable cash flow to mitigate the impacts of payment delays.
  • Companies looking to reduce costs in credit management and debt collection.
  1. Increase sales safely and strategically by optimizing the management of current customers and expanding with new ones.
  2. Approve credit limits more quickly to seize opportunities and enhance your business's profitability.
  3. Maintain cash flow and profitability by mitigating the risk of default on your credit sales.
  4. Get to know your customers and potential customers better to prevent losses and anticipate surprises.
  5. Increase available capital (sometimes at better rates) by securing the conversion of your credit sales into realizable assets.
  6. Offer more competitive conditions abroad to boost sales in international markets, supported by the necessary information for your business' success.
  7. Enhance the effectiveness of your credit department by partnering with a company specialized in credit risk prevention and debt collection.
  8. Manage risk concentration through constant monitoring of your business partners.
  9. Optimize the relationship with your customers by guaranteeing the best credit conditions and positioning yourself more competitively in the market.
  10. Sleep peacefully knowing that your risks are covered, and your payments are guaranteed.
Gain access to complete and up-to-date information on the risk in your customer portfolio.
Monitor and establish more trusting relationships with customers.
Accounts receivable are protected and your cash flow and profitability are secure. The solidity of the business will be evident to banks, auditors and investors.
Identify opportunities for growth and expansion. Focus your resources on developing sales with new customers and in new markets.