Cosec to Allianz Trade

Cosec to Allianz Trade

We secure your trade. You grow with confidence.

We've been helping our customers grow for over 50 years, giving them the confidence to grow securely.

Established in 1969, we have a unique history and experience in Portugal. And that is why we are the leading Insurer in Portugal in Trade Credit Insurance and Surety Bond Insurance, offering the best solutions to support credit management in domestic and foreign markets, as well as Surety Bond Insurance guarantees.

Addittionally, we are currently a private equity company, 100% owned by Allianz Trade, the world leader in Trade Credit Insurance.

We continually look for new and innovative ways to give confidence and security to hundreds of companies that work with us. 

With this 100% integration into the Allianz group, we are committed to further strengthening our leadership position, and we will continue to work constantly to offer the best solutions to national companies.