The Surety Bond Insurance supports and protects the contractual obligations you have assumed with a Customer, Supplier, or Partner.

Our experience in the sector, combined with our local and international knowledge, allows us to quickly decide on ceilings and insurance proposals, as well as greater financial capacity for Customers through the diversification of guarantor entities and the release of ceilings in banks.

  • Companies that need to provide guaranties to public or private entities for contracts, supplies or other activities.
  • Companies that need to provide guarantees in the scope of their activity (importation/export).
  • Companies that need to provide financial guarantees of payment or compliance regarding their obligations to provide services or delivery goods.
  • Others: bond for prize competitions, for the exercise of business activities and those arising from EU regulations.
Speedy decision of limits and insurance proposals.
Increases the financial capacity for the Customers, by diversifying the insurers and releasing liquidity. 
Generalized acceptance due to our
financial solidity and market credibility.