Guarantees the proper execution of contractual obligations assumed by the company, contractor, or supplier (Insured Policyholder) towards the beneficiary of the deposit (Insured owner of the work or supply costumer), in works or supply contracts, under the terms of these contracts being the legislation applicable (DL no. 18/2008, of January 29) or within the scope of private contracts.
National companies that carry out Contracting or Supply operations.
They aim to guarantee payment to the Policy beneficiary of compensation resulting from losses caused by the debtor's failure to comply with the obligations to which he or she is obligated, legally or contractually.

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Type Goal
Infrastructures1 Ensure the proper execution of contracts relating to Infrastructures (Execution Period + Guarantee Period).
Performance/Maintenance Bonds
Ensure the proper execution of contracts, both during the execution period and the guarantee period.
Reinforcement1 Guarantee a reinforcement of the initial deposit, the proper execution of the contract, allowing the Policyholder to withdraw the funds retained as guarantee in installments or final invoices.
Advance Guarantee reimbursement by the Insurance Policyholder of funds granted in advance by the contract owner.
1 Only for works