Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Together makes us better

At Allianz Trade, we strive for diversity, equity and inclusion to be part of everything we do. Here, you’ll find a culture where our differences are celebrated, where employees recognize and take action against inequality, and where all associates have equal access to development and opportunity.

  • This commitment is embodied by the Allianz Trade US Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Comprised of volunteer representatives from across the region, the group provides oversight on diversity efforts and promotes company-wide communication on progress.
  • The Allianz Trade US Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is dedicated to helping all employees educate, understand and respect each other.
  • From recruitment and talent management to education and training, and from employee culture and communication to community involvement, D + I initiatives are a priority across the company. 

The company dedicates resources to underserved communities and engages employees to participate in outreach efforts.
Diversity and inclusion is integrated into job design, recruitment, talent development, advancement, and retention.
Data-driven recommendations drive company decisions and further the diversity and inclusion mission.